The Club by Lauren Rowe

The Club Series, Book 1, begins the story of Jonas Faraday and Sarah Cruz. Every now and then you read a story about a broken soul who has experienced so much tragedy in life but has learned to survive it against all odds. This immense ability to grasp on to anything that will enable you to go on in life despite the pain – this is Jonas. An incredibly beautiful but wounded man who hangs on by a thread every day yet shows incredible strength and fortitude of character even though he can’t acknowledge it because he is driven to see his divine self as his way of saving himself. Sarah, also scarred by life undoubtedly much less, understands him and relates to his pain in such a profound way. They share an inexplicable understanding of each other and their love story is unique because it begins prior to even meeting in person. It begins with a meeting of the minds, an intellectual challenge. And it grows from there. Book 1 is just the beginning of the trilogy and it enraptures you with their intense love as you see it grow and leaves you feeling breathless.

Surrender and Dominate by Amy Daws

Gareth and Sloan’s love story is so profound that it required two books. When I finished reading about Tanner and Bella’s love story, I knew I had to meet Gareth. His quiet, reserved but protective demeanor intrigued me. Who is this man? And I have to say I was intrigued so much so that I had to do what I normally hate doing….I read the books out of order! But I don’t regret it for one second. Gareth is just a man I needed to know more about and I am not disappointed. I’m in love. Sloan is so endearing and charming that she just was the perfect person for Gareth. I love that she is able to bring down his walls to get to know the real man and that he is able to do the same for her. These books are hot! Sizzling hot! Man oh man do I love that strong silent type with a heart of gold. Can I swoon now? Yep…swooning as I write…aaahhhhh.

Endurance by Amy Daws

Tanner…oh Tanner…how can I not love you when your story begins with “this is what shagging the crazy ones gets me”. Tanner and Bella’s love story is ridiculously adorable. You are just too funny…love it when you call Bella “Wife!” and mankini’s? Seriously? I mean, how you managed to capture Bella’s heart, a doctor with exceptional surgical skills, just shows how you can go deep beyond my expectations. I love that Bella’s intelligence and strength can still enjoy life and learn to love and let go. You two are just endearing and I am truly glad your love endured. I have to say, the third Harris Brothers book about Booker is one I am going to have to get back to because I will be honest…Gareth Harris just has me completely enthralled. His protective, yet private and broody nature, has captured me and so I’m just going to have to skip ahead and read past the next in line. But I will get back to you Booker…I promise…I don’t normally like to go out of sequence like this…but I can’t help myself. I have got to meet Gareth!

Challenge by Amy Daws

“Challenge” is the first in the series of the Harris Brothers, four professional footballers, soccer players for us Americans, who share their family love, pain, and grief of losing their mum. Camden, one of the twins, was introduced in their sister Vi’s story “Strength” along with his brother Tanner. “Challenge” is Camden and Indie’s love story. Camden begins his journey meeting his doctor Indie in the emergency room after an injury he suffered at one of his matches, and as all amazing romance novels, falling in love at first sight. This is one of the things I love most of romance novels as it enables us to dream of possibilities of this type of love existing. Camden is refreshing in his willingness to see himself as more than an athlete and manwhore when his feelings for Indie begin to unravel. I loved his hidden side, one he wasn’t willing to share with anyone such as his love of books and puns, until he met her and started opening up and trusting himself with her. Indie is a dedicated doctor who has difficulty with emotions and functions on her amazing intellect and logical side. Her tequila sunrise nights and penis list pushes her to open up and let Camden in. And wow! The result is an amazing love story. I loved seeing them evolve and bringing out the best in each other, pushing themselves past their comfort zones, and sharing a love full of passion and fun filled days and nights! I highly recommend getting lost in their love story. Can’t wait to read all about Tanner…

Strength by Amy Daws

Hayden and Vi’s story is as much heart breaking as it is inspiring. As I read about their love, I cried, laughed, and felt their love even in their deepest pain. I am so pleased to see their love endures some of life’s most intense difficulties and struggles. Hayden is a sensitive soul who has risen above intense grief and risked it all to allow himself to love again. Vi is an amazing woman, sister, and Mom to her four Harris brothers. I am looking forward to getting to know each of them, their distinct personalities shining through enticing me to continue on to read Amy Daws’ Harris Brothers series. But first I highly recommend you read Strength and enjoy this powerful love story.