Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

A beautiful story. Elodie and Hollis meet in an accident and their arguments flare up serious sparks. But they’re also very funny pushing each other’s buttons. As their love story unfolds it becomes rich and passionate. Just when you think everything is going to finally work out, a huge plot twist has you gripping your seat and wiping your tears. I have to say I was a bit pissed off at Hollis for a bit there because Elodie is a real gem. But thankfully love prevailed in the end just as it should.

The Mogul and the Muscle by Claire Kingsley

As soon as I met Jude Ellis in The Price of Scandal, I just knew he had to have his love story. I mean let’s get real, at six foot five built like a brick wall, how could he not? Ginger, hot and smart Cameron Whitbury is the perfect woman for this overprotective bodyguard. I can’t blame her for wanting him to just wrap her in his arms and keep her safe. These two are perfect for each other.

My Big, Fat, Fake Wedding by Lauren Landish

As Ross says, “what’s that saying about the best-laid plans?” Who would know that Violet and Ross’ plan would cause such chaos but also love. As a former grandfather’s little girl, I can say I would have also done just about anything for my Papa. So you go girl. Crazy as it seems, everyone saw their love except them. Thankfully as all good romances they got their happily ever after.

The Price of Scandal by Lucy Score

Emily Stanton is the gorgeous, genius scientist, driven CEO of Flawless and a billionaire to boot! Derek Price is a half-British hunk CEO of Alpha Group – of course his firm is called Alpha with his looks – who has just been hired to “fix” Emily’s scandal. Chemical combustion is what happens when they start working together and Emily outsmarts Derek while his charm and whit leaves her coming back for more. Add to all that heat the balmy tropical paradise that is Bluewater in sexy steamy Miami and you have a smart romance that entertains as well as bring in all the love your heart desires.

The Reclamation by Lauren Rowe

The Club Series, Book Two, continues Jonas and Sarah’s love story and to quote Sarah Cruz in the book “sweet baby Jesus”…what a romance these two have going. I have laughed and cried, especially the ending which will wrench your gut. Jonas’ depth and yet vulnerability gets me every time. Lauren Rowe wrote Jonas in such a way that gives hope for all who have built up walls so high – there is a way to get past your demons – love. Sarah’s intelligence, wit, and openness to love Jonas is like a sledgehammer knocking down his walls bit by bit…go Sarah. I’m in love with Jonas and Sarah…and can’t wait until Book Three. Have to go buy a box of tissues first.

The Club by Lauren Rowe

The Club Series, Book 1, begins the story of Jonas Faraday and Sarah Cruz. Every now and then you read a story about a broken soul who has experienced so much tragedy in life but has learned to survive it against all odds. This immense ability to grasp on to anything that will enable you to go on in life despite the pain – this is Jonas. An incredibly beautiful but wounded man who hangs on by a thread every day yet shows incredible strength and fortitude of character even though he can’t acknowledge it because he is driven to see his divine self as his way of saving himself. Sarah, also scarred by life undoubtedly much less, understands him and relates to his pain in such a profound way. They share an inexplicable understanding of each other and their love story is unique because it begins prior to even meeting in person. It begins with a meeting of the minds, an intellectual challenge. And it grows from there. Book 1 is just the beginning of the trilogy and it enraptures you with their intense love as you see it grow and leaves you feeling breathless.

Surrender and Dominate by Amy Daws

Gareth and Sloan’s love story is so profound that it required two books. When I finished reading about Tanner and Bella’s love story, I knew I had to meet Gareth. His quiet, reserved but protective demeanor intrigued me. Who is this man? And I have to say I was intrigued so much so that I had to do what I normally hate doing….I read the books out of order! But I don’t regret it for one second. Gareth is just a man I needed to know more about and I am not disappointed. I’m in love. Sloan is so endearing and charming that she just was the perfect person for Gareth. I love that she is able to bring down his walls to get to know the real man and that he is able to do the same for her. These books are hot! Sizzling hot! Man oh man do I love that strong silent type with a heart of gold. Can I swoon now? Yep…swooning as I write…aaahhhhh.